Leaving special impression right at the name, TukTuk is a bustling corner where you can touch the sophistication of a modern Asia in a “so cool” Thailand flavor. The word “Bistro” somehow does present the dishes, space, and service style of TukTuk.

Yes, about TukTuk in one word – Bistro. Small, friendly, noisy and crowded with adjacent tables and chairs, TukTuk Thai Bistro offers dynamic, elegant atmosphere, suitable for friendly lunches with colleagues, cozy dinners with family or quick catch-ups with your buddies. You can feel the “Bistro” vibe in every corner, or in pictures on the wall. This place is where the bustle of the dynamic Bangkok interferes in rhythm with the nonstop movement of our gorgeous Saigon. That “Bistro” also can be found in the people of TukTuk, those who are always hasty but friendly.

Dishes at TukTuk are “Bistro” also: simple and original, served in small sets and delivered with quick service. Absolutely winning the heart of anyone who ever tried, every dish at TukTuk is a signature from the “land of Golden pagodas”. TukTuk’s cuisine surprises even the “gourmet” with hundred shades of flavors: savory Thai sauce, spicy garlic, sour mango, fragrant Kaffir, energizing lemongrass, crisp fried catfish, fresh papaya salad… with sweet dessert and signature Thai snack.

Fast, neat and elegant, TukTuk Thai Bistro day by day is the top of mind choice for the urban youth as well as foreign visitors coming to Vietnam.