Welcome to TukTuk, the 1 st bistro restaurant serving Thai food in the modern setting.
Call it the best of both worlds: over three storeys in the heart of downtown Saigon, TukTuk pairs sumptuous, innovative Thai cuisine with the ambiance of a chic contemporary bistro. Sleek and sophisticated from the ground floor to the rooftop terrace, its traditional Thai fare boasts a 21st-century twist, rich in spice and flavour, complemented by TukTuk’s stylish black-and-white surroundings. Put the two together and you’ve got a unique contemporary fusion of East and West, celebrating culinary tradition and innovative design as one.

Bangkok-born chef Saran Jittiboonruan has compiled a menu just long enough to interest any diner without overreaching the bistro’s boundaries, featuring a smart collection of traditional Thai fare as well as several modified dishes. Though the soups, salads and mains on offer cater primarily to carnivorous diners, the chef can make adjustments to turn these dishes into vegetarian meals.

The beverage program, on the other hands, also includes a concise menu with traditional orange-hued Thai milk tea or an ice-cold Singha beer to the signature drinks with Thai originated ingredients.

TukTuk is not only a popular vehicle in Thailand but a nation icon of the Golden land. Bringing TukTuk to downtown of Saigon, the owners attempt to come up with a Thai dish that any Saigon’s cosmopolitan residents can resist.